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Performance IV is contracted with Rocky Mountain IV Medics to provide IV Hydration Therapy to Castle Rock, CO and surrounding areas. For IV Hydration Therapy we offer both mobile options and in-clinic options at Tactical Health 100. 

Our passion is finding ways to optimize longevity and enhance peak performance.

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Myer's Cocktail

Featuring 6 high-impact vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Ultimate Myer's

Premium Myer's with increased vitamin C and Glutathione. 

Extreme Wellness

Designed to aid the body through increased energy & performance. 

Performance Plus

Bring performance to the highest level with top vitamins and NAD+.

Electrolyte Replacement 

Treat your body right with 6 essential electrolytes and none of the sugar or calories. Along with IV Hydration, it is important to keep up with oral hydration. Replenish your essential electrolytes without sugar or artificial sweeteners, along with low sodium. Healthy hydration is a key component to overall wellness. Electrolytes maintain the balance between fluids in your body and help to keep you well hydrated. 

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Some Kudos!

Kristen T.

"Had the best experience with Rocky Mountain IV Medics! Jason and Fera were nothing but professional and had a wealth of knowledge concerning all aspects of health. I would 100% recommend this service." 

Mary M. 

"I was feeling a little foggy from a recent trip. Jason came out that evening to hook me up with the Ultimate Myer's Cocktail. I felt like a million bucks the next day! Outstanding, fast service and Jason and Fera are awesome! Will be a regular customer for sure!"